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After the documentary “America Speaks” was completed, a mail out was sent to every member of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, 50 governors, the top Presidential Candidates, and the President. Everyone was sent a package which included a cover letter, business card, DVD of “America Speaks”, and a survey to let us know what action they intended on taking after viewing the film.

Out of over 625 mail outs, I only received sixteen responses (eight from Governors, three from Senators, three from Representatives and two from presidential candidates (Sen. Hillary Clinton of NY and Sen. John Edwards of NC). None of our government servants returned the survey. The “form letters” I received from their offices made it clear that not one of them even bothered to watch any part of the one-hour documentary. Sen. Clinton was the only one who mentioned the diversity in the documentary, so at least she, or someone in her campaign cared enough to hear what the American people had to say. Action speaks volumes, and this government is not one “OF the people, FOR the people or BY the people.” What can we do to change that?